Welcoming Communities
Pastor Esther works with many refugee families who have made Middle Tennessee their new home. Because families face many challenges to acclimate to their new environment, new culture, and new languages, LST formed Welcoming Communities to help families with many services including; furniture, clothing, transportation, and bridging the gaps in services provided by other organizations. Our recently formed Kiswahili speaking women's group meets each week to learn new skills and form a support community.


Lutheran Immigration and
Refugee Services

LIRS works with the Unaccompanied Minors Program, providing youth supervision, support, mentoring, assimilation and other services as they join their a relative or family friend in the US. Helping them be safe and connect to needed resources and services is our goal. School is required and often tutoring, ELL and other support services and volunteer assistance is needed for the youth to integrate fully into the school, church and community.

Building Healthy Families Program

The Building Healthy Families Program explores what it means to nurture healthy relationships within the family, as well as within the community. We are building a parent support network in and around the neighborhood surrounding St. Paul's Lutheran Church and Food Bank on Rosa Parks Blvd in the Cheatham Place neighborhood of Nashville. This winter we will expand this program to Tullahoma. 

 Call Janet Arning  at 615-881-4579 if you are interested in BHF or starting one in your community.



Williams Henson Home for Boys

The Williams Henson Home for Boys operated from 1927-2002. We celebrate this rich history which was filled with volunteers and staff helping young boys become equipped to prepare for a bright future of stability and independence. We are hopeful of displaying the many framed pictures in one of the local Knoxville churches, so the history can be remembered and cherished.

Lutheran Services in Tennessee
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